System Dispenser unit with automatic hose reel; the 14 metres of hose with automatic nozzle allows dispensing up to 45 l/min with DC power supply.+v The MT automatic hose reel, the two DC pumps and the automatic nozzle are integrated in a sturdy supporting structure. Easy to install, versatile, compact, necessary to complete mobile or fixed tanks. MAROTTA TANks automatic hose reel system consists of: 1 – Automatic hose reel. 2 – Adjustable arms with end-of-travel hose stop. 4 . Diesel hose 3/4”-14 m (1” – 10 m). 3 – MT pumps. 4 – On/Off switch. 5 – Swivel. 6- Automatic nozzle. 7 – Side safety guards. 8 – Sturdy metal supporting structure. 9 – Marotta Tanks filter for water absorption cartridge type. on request: fitting of MT M24, digital turbine meter